Forms: Deutscher Bergpreis and FIM Europameisterschaft

Dear Drivers and Co-pilots, 

a new year and with it a new race-season has started. I’d like to introduce all of you to some of the most important news. As most of you probably know already, 2019 will be the first year that we organise a hill-climb championship for vintage motorcycles and sidecars up to 1990 models. 

Since the FIM Europe approved our application (on the 24 th Oct. 2018 in Rome), I used the time up to this date to go ahead with necessary preparations. However, our initial idea of combining IDB and FIM E within one competition, will not be realised.

But there is good news: the races in Landshaag (A), Julbach (A) and Lückendorf (D) will be, as before, held in the form of double-events, providing us with six European Championship races to distinguish the champions for Classes 8a, 8b and 8c.

Within the German Hill-Climb Trophy with international attendance (“Deutscher Bergpreis”, formerly known as IDB) three additional events will be held: Ziegenrück (D), Trencin (SK) and on the Slovakiaring. A total of six competitions will distinguish the winners of the Hill-Climb Trophy. And additionally to that, every race will be timed for the Regularity Trophy as well. 

Now the formalities: 

For the European Championship we will only need your registration forms.

For the German Hill-Climb Competition (DB) we will need your registration forms and an registration fee of 135,- €. Once registered, this entry is also valid for the Regularity Trophy.

If you register for the European Championship, you will not need to pay for your second registration! This means, that to register for all three competitions (European Championship, Hill-Climb Competition and Regularity Trophy) you will only need to pay 135,- € per season. 

The entry fee for each individual race will be 135,- € and has to be paid with handing in your entry forms.

For all races within the named three competitions in Germany, Austria and Slovakia a FMN-B-license (up till recently National License B Europe) for drivers and co-pilots is required. 

The Supplementary Regulations for the “German Hill-Climb Competition with International Attendance” is finalised and has already been presented to the AMF (Austria) and the DMSB (Germany).

The Supplementary Regulations for the FIM European Championship are currently under validation by the FIM Vintage Commission and will be revised.


Both of these regulations are almost identical, the technical specifications have been revised by the Technical Commission DB (formerly IDB) with no significant changes made.

We await the approved FIM E regulations shortly and are hoping to publish all necessary documents by 31/01/2019.


All previous registrations are invalid. You will find the new documents attached. You will need to register for the Hill-Climb Competition and the European Championship separately, we do apologise for the inconvenience and ask for your comprehension. Ever registration needs to be correct and complete. 

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to write (English or German) an E-Mail:

We will try to come back to you shortly. 

Klaus Riedel


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